GLENN DANZIG IS HOT (Periodical Danzig Post)

Dear ladies who read DI$COUNT, this one is for you! …you can thank me later! Also, sorry C, will do a more worthwhile posts soon (not that Danzig isn’t worthwhile – you know he is) In the meantime, I’m still waiting on our 120kgs worth of shipping to arrive from Bangkok so I can finally post some proper DI$COUNT stuff. This post is also dedicated to Queen Michelle who shares my appreciation.

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WATCH IT – YOU WON’T REGRET IT! Hottest moments from this video: (Is it weird that I’ve done this to other Danzig videos too?)

0.23 min – 0.28 min

0.32 min – 0.33 min

0.37 min – 0.42 min (oh man)

0.45 min – 0.47 min (EVEN BETTER)

0.56 min – 0.59 min (ONE OF THE BEST FOR SURE)

1.03 min – 1.05 min (wow)

1.15 min – 1.21 min (beast of a man )

2.55 min – 3.19 min (Just a big babe fest right till the end haha)

3.01 min – 3.02 min (honorable mention from the babe fest time slot above)

Hands up who agrees!!! And I want to know, is anyone repulsed by him and thinks I’m crazy?! Excluding my mother, she no doubt isn’t very impressed right now …or my boyfriend (even though he is well aware of the obsession already).

ETA: Couple of comments have mentioned already without me asking, and it has prompt me to ask…. IF NOT DANZIG, WHO DO YOU PREFER?

22 Responses to “GLENN DANZIG IS HOT (Periodical Danzig Post)”

  1. Sister Wolf says:

    YUMMY! I’ll have sex with him right after I’m done with Eddie Vetter!

    • Cami says:

      mmmm I’m more a Kurt Cobain kinda girl… he woulda been such an attractive older man. Yum yum yum. Ahhh musicians – fucking bastards, they get us chicks every damn time.

  2. Cami says:

    No he definitely has SPUNK by the truck load. The only insane thing is breaking down the song by ‘babe moments’. Ahhhh dear Nadziggy – tis why I love you. Don’t apologize for the post – I dig it bro. XXX

  3. Kylie says:

    Not into muscles, lol! Love what you love though, happy to see I’m not the only one who breaks down youtube videos and obsesses over every moment of them (although the artists I’m creeping on are a bit… different than him, haha). I will admit that I’m strangly okay with his mesh tank top…


  4. TASH says:


  5. Nadia says:

    Loving all this Danzig appreciation and the fact that other names are being mentioned too… perhaps I should add another question to this post…

  6. Guess??Haha says:

    NIKKI SIXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVERrrrrrrrrr hmmmm I’m gonna go wank over Nikki now thanx nadugde xx

  7. Steve says:

    i have trouble deciding between David Lee Roth and Axl Rose… then I realise they’re both dudes and married men shouldn’t give two hoots which rockstar looks better in bike shorts.
    Axl circa 1988 is pretty hard to beat though, with those aviators? classic.

  8. elizabeth says:

    I think the head banging/pelvic thrusting combo at the end of the video has always been my favorite!

    My heart will always belong to W. Axl Rose. Always and Forever!

  9. Guess??Haha says:

    Nikkkkkkkkkkkkki… Aw my fingers are sore still going nadudge hahahaha. Yes I’m dirty but you love it hee hee

    • Nadia says:

      OI IT’S NAD-OOZSH! you got the pronunciation all wrong!!! haha thanks for the update though

  10. Guess??Haha says:

    You say tomato I say tomayyyyyto haha xx

    • Nadia says:

      HAHAHHAHAHahahahaa good call, but this is my name we’re talking about so tomato it is!!! x

    • Nadia says:

      P.S Why are you still up? Go to sleep & don’t forget to call my house tomorrow morning or I might not wake, you’re the alarm because I don’t have one.

  11. Guess??Haha says:

    Yea naddddddooooooozzzzzissssshhhh i call in morning! And helllo everyone reading here’s a shout out to all of you wanking off to Nikki sixx at 2.03am bahahahaha

    • Nadia says:

      Ok, I actually laughed OUT LOUD to that one. See you tomorrow it sucks that we are doing this over my blog comments, but tomorrow I will hopefully have a phone again!!! xo

  12. juanita says:

    I adore Glenn. But my list goes on with Nikki Sixx, Axl Rose and Sebastian Bach. The 4 of them can make my day. Always.

  13. Queen Michelle says:

    I LOVE YOU NADIA!!! And I love Glenn! And I love this video and I love that track!
    Oh goodness that was just the tonic I needed to cheer me up today xxxx

  14. Robyn says:

    Glenn Danzig is pretty foxy. But I’m all about Layne Staley! PS. I love it when you do music related posts!

    • Cami says:

      That’s what I keep telling her!! It means I get to look at awesome vids the cheaters way! And I’m with you on that one Robyn – Staley was finnnnnnnnnneeeeee! X

  15. Erin Grace says:

    Hmm, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this here, but my one true love is Freddie Mercury. That’s an entirely different niche market though.

    However, I loved this post!! I think I understand this kind of insanity.

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