I love the internet! I love that connections can be made to a global audience and people who are into something can find like-minded others to vibe with. Like Nadia’s fairy tumblr, like-minded fairies from all over are now contacting her because of it. I love that a scene or subculture/sub-genre or whatever can be started because of a collective consciousness that has exploded in virtual collages on tumblr etc. Music, art, fashion, whatever – the internet enables shit to grow and evolve and it’s exciting. So in the hours spent surfing/reading stuff on the www, my boyf and I kept noticing imagery that used virtual oceans, dolphins, cyan and acid tones etc. Anyway, this guy, LIL INTERNET (who turns out to be a friend of a friend – wtf internet, why do I know that) coined the name #SEAPUNK. Personally, I love the visuals – the paradisio beach imagery, grainy pixelated collage contrasted with highly stylized and polished graphics that use symbols and shapes, in the same way witch haus does, in a way that could have only been born from the internet. The Mishka blog did a better write up than I could, so here’s a bit of it:
“To coincide with the strong conceptual element behind the liquid sounds sampled throughout certain key #seapunk tracks, there is a fully realized visual styling to those who identify with the lifestyle. Name checking the old television show “seaquest dsv“, the movie “Water World” (duh), the Sega Genesis video game “Ecco the Dolphin” and various anime’s like “Ponyo“, #seapunk is a sort of cyber punk meets futuristic Mad-Max on water attitude meant for those who can surf the gnarliest swells of the world wide wave.” I also love the terms, like tidal rave and tropiccult. “the microgenre is still wearing training wheels, but it’s already starting to gather speed.” The music is coming from people like Teams, Fire For Effect, Zombelle and Unicorn Kid.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

HERE is the link for the Coral Records release #Seapunk Volume 1 Limited Edition CD-R – SPLASH001, I tried to embed it, wouldn’t effing work for me.

Black Milk do quite a few oceanic marine style prints, and check the flipper heels I found! How good is the Versace terry towel shell print hat! FUck yeah #seapunk.

And for no other reason than that I thought these pics were kinda fun (completely irrelevent to the rest of the post)

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  1. Ebony says:

    your hair! i love it omg ♡♡♡ want!

  2. vlad says:

    We have the same hair!!!!!

  3. Nadia says:

    i LOVE your jacket!! is it rabbit?

  4. james says:

    this is so good i wanna smash the computer screen

  5. rosee says:

    100% what james said.
    i hate the beach/summer and this makes me want to run away and live in the ocean

  6. william says:

    Yes, it’s so funny I hate the summer and the beach, but I love the idea, the colors and the imagery. This is perfection, I’m so glad you shared and compiled all of this.

  7. ZOMBELLE says:


  8. Shan Beaste says:
    Link to #SEAPUNK label
    #SEAPUNK VOL. 1 out now and limited to 100.
    Comes with digital download #CYBERPUNK

  9. margot says:

    Castle Park in Riverside, CA has some of the best seapunk prizes in the castle arcade

  10. Kurtis says:

    instantly reminded me of the work of a german (i think berlin based) artist, which would be the analogue equivalent to the artwork above…if you’re interested, here’s the link to her blog!

  11. dld says:

    any segas.

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